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About Us

The Big Scream is an eCommerce marketing agency that leverages online marketing solutions to scale our client’s businesses. We create new campaigns, manage existing ones, improve conversions, and optimize campaigns to ensure profitability and maximize revenue.

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How we create Campaign  

Discovery Meeting

The discovery meeting is where we discuss your brand, define your communications challenges, and map out a strategy to execute your brand’s messages.
We will execute your campaign after identifying your target reader, defining your campaign goals, and design a campaign execution and management plan. This execution and management plan includes: ad creation, ad testing, and ad optimization for maximum conversions. 
We use a customer-oriented approach, with close focus on your audience and the solution your brand can bring to them.

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Creating Your Brief

The creative brief defines your customer’s problem and outlines how your solution or service is the answer to this problem.

The brief also explains how your product or service is an extension of your unique brand identity or “brand experience”.

In addition to that, we will ensure that the brief outlines your business goals, deadlines, and the targets we need to reach in order to secure a successful campaign.

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Creative Execution

The creative execution is where we create the content for your campaign. This process happens after we take a deep dive into research, which often leads to the discovery of the most creative and compelling pieces of copy. We will then devour the market research and begin mapping out and developing your brand’s messaging with the background research on your target audience provided.

Our goal is to develop the stories and messages maximize full-funnel performance, drive revenue, and solidify your campaign’s results.

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Mission Statement

We believe that creative discipline is the foundation of effective funnels and sustainable bottom lines. This is why eCommerce brands utilize our communication management services for marketing campaigns that scale fast. 

Leveraging our expertise

We use hypothesis-driven A/B testing to increase AOV and continually improve conversion rates.

Our clients are able to build strong brands because of the targeted messages we create for prospects during their purchasing journey.

Effective brand messages start from the awareness phase at the top of the funnel, all the way through to the order button at the end of the funnel where the conversion happens.

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